Taylor Canfield first ever winner Dutch Match Cup

The first edition of the Dutch Match Cup is finished, there is a winner. Taylor Canfield with his team US One wrote history by winning this Cup. “It feels great to win over here. A hugh moment for us at the Dutch Match Cup.” An excited Canfield now heads up to a second place in the overall results. Ian Williams, the leader in the season rankings of the Alpari World Match Racing Tour, was placed second. With only two races in the finals, Canfield beats Williams. “Williams was leading in the second race. It’s though racing in these shifty conditions, Williams made an error at the end of the race. We gave a bit more pressure which resulted in a second win in the finals. So now we are Dutch Match Cup champions.” Williams is less happy with the result. “We are very disappointed in losing the finals. But it’s good to get into the finals again for the sixed time this tour. We hope to keep up with this towards the coming events.” Mathieu Richard and David Gilmour have sailed the petit finals. Gilmour comes in first and is placed third at the Dutch Match Cup. “We are pretty happy to come in third.” Gilmour was in the semi finals against Canfield. “We won the first race yesterday and hoped to beat him today as well. Canfield raced really well today, so congrats to them.” The young team wins some points with their first podium result this tour. The US One team is welcomed back into the harbour as real champions. Receiving a nice cold bear together with Ian Williams and his team. “We’ve got a lot to celebrate, didn’t got the change to celebrate our Chicago Match Cup win yet. So tonight we have double drinks: bear and champagne!” In this Dutch event their where two Dutch teams invited. The all female team with Klaartje Zuiderbaan and the team with Dirk-Jan Korpershoek. Korpershoek is proud of the event. “It was a fun week, sadly we didn’t get very far. But it’s nice to race against the world top sailors, in a few years we will be in the finals ourselves.” First Korpershoek hopes he receives an invite for next year. James Pleasance, CEO of the Alpari World Match Racing tour, is really happy to ad this event to the tour. “This has been a fantastic event, great people, great racing, and we can’t wait to come back next year.” Adding in dutch: “Goed gedaan en tot volgend jaar.” - See more at: http://www.dutchmatchcup.com/news/taylor-canfield-first-ever-winner-dutch-match-cup/#sthash.ixSKF7Z0.dpuf